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New Year, New Resolutions

Hey, everyone! Sorry, the blog got kind of quiet at the end of the year (holidays tend to do that to me).

With the new year now two weeks gone, I wanted to update you all on what I’ve been up to. There are a few new elements to my life, such as my new dog, Moose, who I adopted in October. Additionally, I’m back to writing and working part time in sales while I continue my search for a job in the publishing industry (in Marketing, Design, or Editorial), and save to move to New York City.

I wanted to share something, though. I found an article via Startups (I’d link you to it if I could find it) about prioritizing your life. This wasn’t your typical method either. This was to list 100 things you wanted to do before you die (essentially creating your bucket list). From there you would go through your 100 (after sitting on it for a few days and constantly reviewing/changing until you felt really solid about the list) and write whether your goal/task could be done now, later, in the future, or should have been done already. I built mine in a spreadsheet like this:


But from there, I started thinking about what I wanted to accomplish by 2018, and so I broke my year down into tasks separated by category and then divided into week so I can reach my ultimate goals:

Detailed Goals

So let me explain some of the goals I have for this year.



Personal fitness and health have become a priority for me. Two years ago I lost feeling in my right hand for an extended period of time due to a stressed tendon (since fixed), but I’m also trying to take better care of myself. I have an aging grandmother who hasn’t been very physical since she was in her 40s (she’s now 80 and barely mobile). I’ve decided I want to still be able to walk and maybe jog by the time I’m 80 and stay around 130lbs on average. My goal is 124, but based on my height and muscle mass, we’ll see how close I get. I’ll be ecstatic if I can hit 130.

So I’m working on my diet and exercise. I have a Withings’ Active watch that counts my steps and tracks my sleep, and I also work out using the 8fit app (which I love, oh my gosh!). I also become a vegetarian last May, and I’ve never felt healthier. It’s weird. Like every day seems fresher somehow now.

But what I’m really working toward, and especially excited about, is participating in a duathlon in May. I’ll be running a total of 3 miles and biking a total of 20 miles in one day. And, bonus, I’ll be doing this with my mom (who’s in her mid-50s)! We’re pumped!

So my goal by the end of 2017 is to have ridden at least 500 miles on my bike in the course of the year and to have run over 100 miles. Think I can do it?



My goal for 2017 is to read 100 books. That’s basically 2 a week, and I’m dreading watching my savings slowly go down the drain since I have a lot of 2017 releases and debuts on my list. They’re all going to be amazing, but I’ll be pressed to keep to that 2-books per week schedule. If you want to join me, or follow my challenge, follow me on Goodreads!



2017 is an ambitious year for sure. On top of editing a recent draft and hopefully sending it out to agents this spring, I’m also aiming to write the first drafts (and rewrite) two brand new projects. I’ve already finished off the Character Interviews for the first manuscript of the year, and my plot’s been charted and solidified. So I’m looking forward to writing those opening chapters next week!

I’ll also be sharing my process for plotting, character development, and world-building on the blog through my How to Write a Novel series starting in a couple weeks! Get excited! There’ll be freebies!



I’ve always been an independent person, and a visionary. As an INTJ I like to build things, which is why I find writing so enjoyable (it’s like solving a puzzle you made for yourself but with words). But this year I want to do something that both gives back to a community of people I love (writers) and connects a bunch of areas of my interests. So stay tuned for watching me attempt to start my own business and slowly take over the world. Slowly. We’ll see.

(If you’d like to learn more about what this business idea is, go ahead and ask me questions via my Contact page. I’d love to talk one-on-one!)



I’m a graphic designer and an artist by trade and sheer force of habit. Two things I want to get my hands dirty with this year are abstract painting (which I did a series of over the last year and a half depicting how I see music), and hand-lettering.

If you know any good hand-lettering tutorials or worksheets, let me know! The cheaper (freer) the better.

And those, my fine friends, are my goals for 2017. I’m a couple weeks late on announcing them and already behind in a couple areas, but those are the big plans. And also moving to New York City, and working for one of the Big 5 Publishers would be great too. Primarily the job thing, but everything else is something for me to do in the meantime.

What are some of your goals (writing or otherwise) for the New Year? Share them in the comments!

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