Short and Sweet

Hannah has been writing fiction since 2008 after she read a few Young Adult novels and took it upon herself to prove that she could do better than what was on the market. Since then she’s drafted over six books and had three of her short stories published in literary magazines.

She graduated in 2016 with her BAs in English Literature, graphic design, and a minor in creative writing from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. She spent the summer of 2016 at the Denver Publishing Institute with so many wonderful young professionals and learned as much as she could about working in the industry. Since then she’s been helping writers hone their queries on AgentQuery Connect, and saving up to move to NYC to pursue a job in publishing as a designer or literary agent.

In her minimal free time, she enjoys coding websites, chocolate, peach tea, playing with her dog, Moose, and plotting world domination.

The Real Story

(Bunker down, this could get lengthy.)

Hannah never liked reading. Not on her own at least. She demanded her parents read to her well into her preteens, and only then read what was required by her English teachers. Reading on her own didn’t open up worlds for her until she hit the eighth grade and read The Outsiders. It was then her friends started shoving books in her face and she wound up on the cusp of a very awkward love of Paranormal literature in the young adult world.

She then stumbled across a book about vampires, one that was widely popular at the time. Reading it, she could appreciate the story, but the writing was far from her newfound standards. Decided, she took on the challenge of writing something better.

Her obsession carried over through the start of high school. She wrote a novel and trashed it. Wrote it again, and again scrapped the idea. She did this four times with the same idea, discovering the once-popular (hosted through HarperCollins Publishers) through the process and received her first editorial review in December of 2009. She wrote another book, a paranormal one about dead people. It got a review which was a little less scathing than her first and she tried her hand at querying. There was a rewrite and another round of queries, but ultimately this second project was shelved as well.

There were multiple side-projects. Also scrapped or still waiting to be finished. She wrote half a book. Scrapped it to save for later.

Her junior year came and went. Her senior year was engulfed by college applications. Until April when the idea for a sci-fi struck, and it struck hard. She wrote the entire first draft in under a month. It sucked. But she vowed to work on it. This one had a spark. A draw to it she hadn’t found in her previous projects. That one went through many revisions, a couple round of queries, and was, again, shelved to be returned to later.

In the spring of 2017, she wrote a new manuscript, this one about ponies and cyborgs. She’s very excited about it.

She has plenty more ideas scrawled on post-its, in notebooks, on the back of old math homework, and no plan to stop anytime soon.

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